Discover our VinHR solution​

Confident and precise workforce optimization solution for labor intensive businesses.

A full integrated solution​

Human Activity Recognition
Vantix invests in R&D of proprietary sensor-based recognition technologies to detect workers’ actions.
VinHR provides clear insight into thousands of worker’s performances. Inefficiencies-errors and driving forces are identified along with the optimum work process.​
VinHR automatically suggests accurate optimization actions to reach higher performance and productivity.​

A state of the art technology:

VinHR is a powerful combination of built-in technologies and utilities
Human Activity Recognition
Human Activity Recognition
Massive Cloud storage, analytics and processing data
Massive Cloud Storage, Analytics and processing Data
Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning
Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning
Enterprise optimization and management software
Enterprise Optimization and Management Software

Customer’s Benefits

VinHR solution leads to a win-win situation where both potential of the business and its people is maximized for an overall success.​
Higher performance and productivity
Operational costs savings
Time-saving HR & performance management
VinHR Values
Workers upskilling & training
Safer and happier workers
Talent retention