About us

We are an AI & Data Management Services and Solutions company based in Vietnam. Discover who we are and why we are different.​

We are not any AI &
Data provider

“No one in the world has done that for field employees in labor-intensive businesses. Vantix can solve these hard problems, ​​ and everyone wins in the end”


Our mission

We believe in the unlimited power of technology to make people’s life easier. And that is what we commit to everyday. Helping our clients enter into an innovative environment to make a difference

Our expertise

100% of our employees are experts from Microsoft, IBM, Alibaba, Facebook, eBay, and other global companies.
More than 50% of our experts studied and worked abroad (In more than eight different countries)

Our approach

We deeply analyze each business: Field study, technical solutions evaluation, potential new technology and hardware development. Our flexible approach and close collaboration with customers allow them to gain maximum value from their investments

Our story

Vantix finds its very first foundation origin in 2018 when Vingroup came up with the following challenge: How to effectively use Artificial Intelligence & Data solutions to enhance productivity?​

In this objective Vingroup decided to found a highly skilled AI subsidiary able to design tailored smart solutions to improve labor intensive businesses efficiency, multiply productivity gains and empower workers. Vantix was officially founded in February 2019 as Vingroup AI & Data Management Services and Solutions company.​

The challenge was taken by highly skilled Vietnamese specialists in AI, willing to use their broad international experience at Microsoft to build this new project. In this objective, we developed VinHR, a unique solution for Better Business, Better Life, Measurably.​​